How to Create Great Content for Social Media

Social Media Marketing is all about great content. In fact,” content marketing” is quite a buzz word. along with expressions like “Publish or Perish”. But all of us are not great writers. And even the best of writers are often stumped for ideas.

This great Infographic from copyblogger has 22 great ideas to create content for your blogs, networking sites and other web properties.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic

Apart from the 22 great ideas listed in the Infographic, I believe that with a little thought, there is a lot of content before our eyes that we don’t necessarily see.

-Presentations that we have made before can be repurposed. In fact, each slide in a presentation can often be an idea for a blog post.

-If you have been a speaker (or even an attendee), questions from the audience  can provide great ideas for creating content.

-The Infographic talks of “recycling” content. Sure, you can convert slide presentations to videos for a different audience, or you can convert a series of articles into a valuable ebook.

-A seminar you have conducted or attended can be converted to a webinar

-The important point to remember is that great content shares or solves. It addresses the concerns or needs of your target audience. If all of your content is a sales brochure. you’ve got it all wrong.

If you have any more ideas on creating great content, I would love to hear it


  1. Like your posts. It hones in on what your readership finds interesting.

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